Skibumsplace on Google+

I’ve setup a new community on Google+ for testing.
Thinking of moving the forums there.

Check it out here: Skibumsplace on Google+

Pond Flooding 2011

Where the photographer is standing is usually 25 feet above the water

Simon interviews Bartender Alan at the Mount Gay Rum tour, Barbados

More “Shit Talk” from Jim Lahey

If you don’t like the guys from Trailer Park Boys, you probably won’t like this updated compendium of Shit Quotes. (NOTE: Adult Language)

Skibum’s Forums

Skibum’s forums are back!
Click the link to the right to access.

Website Work

I am in the process of getting everything working with PhP 5.3.
Some pages may not format correctly until everything has been checked.

Jim Lahey’s “Shit Talk” (NSFW)

A collection of some truly great quotes from Jim Lahey from the series Trailer Park Boys.

The bud commercial you did not see on TV

If you’re scared of high places then don’t watch this video!

Link was removed Watch here: Watch

Questions you always wanted to ask…

It’s all theoretical science and very cool.