Mobile Access

Auto transcoding for mobile devices has been added courtesy of WPtouch.
A great product from the guys at BraveNewCode

The iPhone commercial you did not see

Now this is a phone!

Bambuser Streaming Video client

Interested in an alternative to QIK for live streaming video? I’ve found that Bambuser is a great solution… especially for those of us that are technically minded. There are a broad array of settings available to tweak your video for any given condition. Latency or lack thereof is really quite amazing.

  • Notify people when you go live
  • Shoot with almost no delay
  • Chat with your viewers while broadcasting
  • Trillian for Android

    Trillian for Android is now available in Beta. Trillian is hands down my IM client of choice. It’s great to see the Android version finally show its head.


    Robust chat features

    Tabbed chat: Switch between many simultaneous chat sessions easily by tapping the tabs. View latest activities at a glance!

    Landscape mode: We know you want it, so we included this in the first version of our Android port! Works perfectly with phones with a sliding keyboard.

    Send emoticons, photos and buzz: Share a picture taken with your phone camera, have fun with a large variety of emoticons, and even buzz your friends to demand attention!

    Cloud synchronization

    As a Trillian user, all your contacts and accounts are automatically carried over to your new Android device through the magic of the cloud!

    Trillian for Android is specifically designed for Android, not just hastily ported from another phone! We’ve focused on every small detail to make sure you have a smooth and integrated Android experience.