Structure Fire. 6 Bristol Drive, Canton, Ct.

Heavy fire on the first floor when I arrived.

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  • brenda

    this was really sad. i saw the whole thing as i live vert close. God bless them

  • Too many house fires in Canton lately…

  • Shirlene Vaughn

    I am the homeowner that ran out of the home with my toddler and dog…we appreciate the outpouring of support we’ve been given by our neighbors and community.

    Judging by this video you arrived shortly after I got out of the home.Did you actually see us exit?

    This was very painful to watch.

    Mrs. Gregory Vaughn

  • Hello Mrs. Vaughn

    I’m so terribly sorry for your loss.
    I am on the Fire department, and live on East Hill Rd. so getting to your house was only a 30 second trip. I responded as soon as I heard the call come in. On the way I heard the police say that everyone was out of the house.

  • selena

    again shirlene i am so sorry for u and ur family im just glad u all got out! this is very hard to watch!

  • Shirlene Vaughn

    I had thought I had noticed a jobber shirt in your picture but wasn’t sure.

    We appreciate all the efforts the various departments made in saving the home. Because of all of their efforts we have something to salvage. Please do not think this isn’t appreciated because it is. We truly appreciate everything everyone has done.